A Year of Awesomeness


The Beginning 

On 25th March last year my very first Monday Blog ‘A little trick about how to spend Monday’ went live on wordpress. I remember I wrote it because very many people often complain about how Mondays are terrible and how the devil owns Monday while the rest of the days belong to God. I therefore ventured into helping God re-possess Mondays by giving people something to look forward to. I know that God needs no help, I just volunteered it. Also, back then I had plenty of access to cheap and fast internet; plus I had just acquired a brand new laptop. In the weeks that followed, the Monday Blog tradition got a hold of me and like a demon with an insatiable appetite it rendered me hooked. For a year now, I have never skipped a Monday without updating this Blog. Even the Monday when I…

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Published by bakshikhan

Bakshi Asuman has worked with youth projects since 2007 that focused on mentoring and working with young people with training experience of over 7 years in Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights and Behavior Change Communication for youth led and youth serving organizations. He is a Master Trainer in Evidence & Right based SRHR and HIV prevention Intervention for youth Behavior change, characteristics of effective interventions, measure effects on outcome level, stigma and discrimination and Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights for young people are used and Meaningful Youth Participation.

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