The Ghost Job Adverts

Immediately one is in his or her S.6 Vacation or finished University. The first thing one will do is going to look for a job. Someone will move office-to-office company-to-company NGO to NGO and there shall no feedback after dropping in over 200 job applications. One reaches an extent of saying “Can you please get me any job paying anything between 150,000 to 250,000 per month. When the worst comes to the worst they now say do you know of anywhere I can volunteer?

In my view before I would think of a job that’s going to pay me to satisfy all my needs I need to get the experience but most experience in Uganda is got through volunteering; but in most cases it’s the last thought to most job seekers.

Now back to Human Resources of Organizations, Government Agencies and Companies that call for applications and end up not shortlisting anyone who applied. Recently one Organization advertised for Job opportunities and it was going to be part time what happened people who would qualify weren’t even shortlisted and someone I least expected took up the Job. What I realized some of these HRs run adverts in Newspapers not be caught off guard but end up individuals who may be friends or relatives.

So what’s the best option; recently I meet a young lady who said she had put in over 250 open applications to various offices in Town but says she has never received any call for interviews or anything close to that. She has now resorted to fruit vending and she is happy with that.

But I still think Volunteering or doing internship at any given Agency or organization or company increases your hope of getting your career job and experience. Other than wait for the minute jobs available.

Published by bakshikhan

Bakshi Asuman has worked with youth projects since 2007 that focused on mentoring and working with young people with training experience of over 7 years in Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights and Behavior Change Communication for youth led and youth serving organizations. He is a Master Trainer in Evidence & Right based SRHR and HIV prevention Intervention for youth Behavior change, characteristics of effective interventions, measure effects on outcome level, stigma and discrimination and Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights for young people are used and Meaningful Youth Participation.

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