Why I am Celebrating the @NRMOnline Day


“I am sure you are asking did u also go the bush? Did Todwong go to the bush? Am sure he will celebrate as well” Words of Amos Wekesa. I was born after the NRA took over power led by H.E. President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. I have grown up seeing one president which doesn’t quantify my support for President Museveni and The National Resistance Movement Party. Ironically someone will say he has rule for 29 years but the fact is Ugandans have gone to the polls 4 Times and President Museveni Always Bounced back. Not only that Dr Kizza Besigye Participating and losing to the later three times. Not only has he accepted defeat but he has well gone to Court and accepted the ruling from the same courts he says are being controlled by the President Museveni.


Recently I was interacting with an Elder in the Busoga Kingdom he said he has seen stability for the past 25 years and has seen the economy of Uganda grow steadily. Many of us say The President Loves Numbers but I shall say this numbers are attributed to success and the numbers he always speaks are indicators of Success. Education and health services are now closer to the people. At least we have a Primary School Per Village and the biggest percentage are UPE Schools. When My Late Mum was an inspector of Schools I Largely saw the impact of UPE Schools although the biggest challenge is the miss management of Funds by Civil Servants who are leading to the decline in the quality of Education in Uganda. I have seen some of these head teachers apprehended although the media doesn’t capture them. We at least have a health Center in every sub county although the same scenarios of miss management by some civil servants is happening. We have seen tremendous growth in our GDP, The Agricultural Sector, The Mining Sector and growth in Local Tourism and the Professional and Discipline Armed Forces.

Let’s leave that to that the Big One “WHY AM I CELEBRATING THE NRM DAY” My answer will be and shall always be The National Resistance Movement (NRM) government with leadership of President Museveni has created a conducive (favourable) environment for all Ugandan Citizens to freely live and have a productive life.


That’s why I shall join the rest of the NRM Membership, Supporters and Sympathizers in celebrating 29 years of Stability, Transformation and Prosperity. The National Celebrations shall be in Soroti on Monday 26th January 2015 and The chief Guest of the day will be President Yoweri Museveni The Day shall be celebrated under the theme: A Steady and Sustainable Transformation of Uganda: NRM’S Core Mission.

Published by bakshikhan

Bakshi Asuman has worked with youth projects since 2007 that focused on mentoring and working with young people with training experience of over 7 years in Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights and Behavior Change Communication for youth led and youth serving organizations. He is a Master Trainer in Evidence & Right based SRHR and HIV prevention Intervention for youth Behavior change, characteristics of effective interventions, measure effects on outcome level, stigma and discrimination and Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights for young people are used and Meaningful Youth Participation.

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