#YFSForAll: Can we Provide Youth Friendly #SRHR Services for all

#YFSforAll: The bigger questions to really ask is, How many health centers have these services implemented? And if they are available, are they accessible? Well, for the course of the remaining months of this year, we shall not only be advocating for youth friendly services but also creating different referral paths so young people can have access to these services.


youth friendly services pic

What are youth friendly services? Different youth had different things to say about that question in relation to what they thought were recommendations for it.

‘This is any service rendered to us young people in a way that is comfortable and appealing to our age. ‘ Hanington, Mengo

Most of them looked more at the way it was being presented as opposed to the type of service given. Will I be smiling at the end of the service? Will I recommend a friend to come and access that service? Will I want to come back in case i need to access a service?

‘Health services are better now than they were in the past because we now have people of younger ages attending to us. and we have special corners where we can seek help away from older people’ Kizito

The bigger questions to really ask is, How many health…

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Published by bakshikhan

Bakshi Asuman has worked with youth projects since 2007 that focused on mentoring and working with young people with training experience of over 7 years in Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights and Behavior Change Communication for youth led and youth serving organizations. He is a Master Trainer in Evidence & Right based SRHR and HIV prevention Intervention for youth Behavior change, characteristics of effective interventions, measure effects on outcome level, stigma and discrimination and Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights for young people are used and Meaningful Youth Participation.

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